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 China National Scientific Instruments
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China National Pharmaceutical Group (SINOPHARM, referred to as "Sinopharm Group") is the only Fortune 500 enterprise group directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council that focuses on the medical and health field, with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain and the strongest comprehensive strength.

China Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. (CMIC, referred to as "Sinopharm Instruments"), founded in 1966, is affiliated to Sinopharm Group and is the main force in its medical device sector.

Zhongke Equipment Import and Export Wuhan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan Company") is a comprehensive provincial platform company under Sinopharm Instruments in central China that integrates medical product sales and overall services. The company has a registered capital of 81 million yuan. At present, there are ten One department: Finance Department, Quality Management Department, Purchasing Department, Logistics Department, Administrative and Personnel Department, Tendering Department, Foreign Trade Department, Project Department, Equipment Sales Department, New Product Sales Department, Distribution Department, Investment Holding 1 Subsidiary: Sinopharm Group Hubei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Company is a China Customs Class A management enterprise, an important window serving the medical and health fields and scientific research institutes in central China, providing various domestic and imported advanced instruments for medical institutions, scientific research units, universities and research institutions of industrial and mining enterprises Equipment, chemical reagents, and metal materials have introduced technologies and key equipment for national and local key scientific and technological plans such as the "863 Plan" and the Key Research Plan, and have made many pioneering innovations for domestic new technology products to enter the international market and domestic and foreign scientific and technological exchanges. It has played a positive role in promoting the implementation and completion of scientific and technological progress plans in many fields.

The company's business involves not only product marketing such as medical equipment, scientific research equipment, and centralized government procurement, but also integrated services such as centralized distribution services for hospital consumables, domestic bidding, international bidding, government procurement bidding, and foreign trade agency. As a central enterprise in China, it has made great contributions to the development of local scientific undertakings.

The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of "caring for life, caring for health", with the mission of "enable more people to enjoy better health services", and practice the core corporate values ​​of "responsibility, integrity, professionalism, innovation, and win-win". To become the most respected medical device company with industry competitiveness and international influence" is the vision. Over the past ten years, under the care of the superior company, under the leadership of the company's leaders, and under the joint efforts of all employees, the company's business has achieved rapid development. In the late 1990s, it has grown from a small-scale enterprise with sales revenue of several million yuan and profits of several hundred thousand yuan to over 2 billion yuan in sales revenue in 2020. The company's service targets have spread all over the province's third-grade and second-grade hospitals, and even grassroots medical centers, providing reliable products and professional and thoughtful services for medical institutions at all levels in Hubei and surrounding areas. In the new format, the centralized distribution of consumables and the integrated packaging of equipment have also achieved certain results in the communication with relevant hospitals and competent departments.

Now China Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has relocated its business location from Beijing to Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone. We will rely on the strong professional platform of Sinopharm, guaranteed by the excellent reputation of state-owned enterprises, and rely on the perfect management system and standardized business. Process, professional talents and professional spirit provide more excellent products and services for the majority of users.

In the fight against the new crown epidemic in 2020, Zhongke Wuhan Branch adheres to the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise, cooperates with the requirements of the East Lake High-tech Zone Epidemic Prevention Headquarters, and undertakes the supply guarantee of medical supplies for the health service stations and enterprises and institutions in the High-tech Zone. During the worst period of the epidemic in Wuhan, the National Medical Team was preparing to take over the Optics Valley Campus of Hubei Maternity and Children's Hospital (with 800 beds, the interior decoration has not yet been completed) as a treatment ward for severe and critically ill patients in Wuhan. The high-tech zone requires us The team equipped all the medical facilities in the Optics Valley campus of Hubei Maternity and Children's Hospital within seven days. Under the leadership of the leaders, the company's employees showed their fearless spirit, worked day and night, actively participated in the anti-epidemic work, and handed over a brand new tertiary hospital to the national medical team within seven days. During the entire anti-epidemic process, Zhongke Wuhan Company continued to provide anti-epidemic supplies to the health centers and communities in the high-tech zone, ensuring the normal progress of the anti-epidemic work in the high-tech zone, and contributing to the victory of the anti-epidemic battle for Wuhan City. best effort.

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 China National Scientific Instruments