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Sinopharm held a video conference on office line work in 2022

In order to further strengthen the office line management of subsidiaries, deploy relevant key tasks, and ensure that various management requirements are in place, on April 20, Sinopharm held a video conference on office line work in 2022. A total of 554 people attended the meeting, including office directors and related office staff of the third-level subsidiaries. Du Jiang, deputy general manager of Sinopharm Instruments, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was presided over by Yu Yu, deputy director of the general manager's office (presiding over the work). Du Jiang affirmed the hard work of the company's office line staff at all levels in the past year. He briefly reviewed the achievements of Sinopharm Instruments in 2021, and put forward three requirements for the office line: first, to think about big things, to plan Big things, big things. In 2021, the whole system of Sinopharm equipment has undergone the political inspection of the SASAC Party Committee. Companies at all levels have sorted out and formulated a list of issues and rectification resolutions, which involve important matters in all aspects of the company. Office directors should pay close attention to them and actively promote them in accordance with the rectification requirements. At the forefront of work, be a staff assistant to a good leader. The second is to focus on the key tasks of this year, make overall arrangements, and improve efficiency. In 2022, the office line must continue to promote the standardization and standardization of daily work. In addition, it must actively cooperate with the audit of the National Audit Office and the 7 internal control inspections carried out by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Office directors must plan ahead, improve the mechanism, and develop creatively. Work. The third is to talk about study, talk about politics, talk about righteousness, and strengthen team building. In recent years, the company has developed rapidly, and management requirements and work procedures have been updated frequently. In the face of new documents and new requirements from superiors, the director of the office must not only communicate correctly, but also earnestly study and understand the contents of the documents, and strive to build an efficient office team. Yu Yu reviewed the key work of the office line in 2021, and deployed the key work in 2022 from the seven aspects of office meeting, system, brand, seal, confidentiality, official documents, and archives, focusing on specific requirements for confidentiality management. Huang Haiying, director of the administration department, explained the company's relevant standards and red line requirements from the aspects of official vehicles, office space, business hospitality, fixed assets, and business travel services. In order to continuously improve the basic management level of subsidiary offices and let subsidiaries understand the latest management requirements of superiors, at the meeting, Wu Lin of the Risk and Operation Management Department of the Headquarters, Song Jingjing, Li Zhuoran, Yuan Yong, Zhang Mian of the General Manager Office, and Wang Xin of the Public Affairs Department , Fan Xiao, and Shu Changning of the Logistics Management Department, respectively, from the work requirements of system "abolition and reformation", brand management and VI use, office meeting process, confidentiality work priorities, lean file management and association joining, cooperation agreement signing, public opinion management, Publicity and training were carried out for subsidiaries in terms of news publicity and engineering construction management. The content of this meeting integrates the management functions of the subsidiary's office line, and provides targeted explanations around the difficulties and problems encountered in daily work, which will surely further strengthen the subsidiary's basic management level and effectively promote the company's health. develop.

Sinopharm Instruments and Dongfang Biotech signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On March 25, 2022, China Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopharm Instrument") and Zhejiang Dongfang Gene Biological Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Bio") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the form of an online contract. Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of Sinopharm Instruments, and Xu Faying, deputy general manager of Oriental Biological Sales, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. He Tao, President of Zhejiang Medical Device Industry Association, Li Jianfei, Assistant General Manager of Sinopharm, Hu Zhenyu, Deputy General Manager of the Western Division, Hu Pan, Director of Marketing, Yan Jipeng, Deputy Director, Zhao Hui, Executive Deputy General Manager and Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm Zhejiang Company Zhao Liang and Zhan Yao, Director of the General Manager's Office of Oriental Biology, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing ceremony. Oriental Bio was established in 2005 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2020. It is an enterprise specializing in the production, sales and research of IVD in vitro diagnostic products. Its business fields cover molecular diagnostic platforms, POCT rapid diagnostic platforms, and liquid biochip platforms. On March 15, 2022, it became the first medical device enterprise in Zhejiang Province to obtain the registration certificate for the domestic novel coronavirus antigen detection kit. Deputy General Manager Zhang Wei pointed out in the signing speech that with the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, Sinopharm will give full play to the advantages of integrated marketing, and rely on the national network layout and logistics and information resources to deepen cooperation with Orient Bio in various aspects. Cooperation. At the same time, Sinopharm Instruments, as a national strategic reserve enterprise for medical devices, will jointly support the domestic new crown epidemic prevention and control needs through cooperation with Orient Bio in the new crown antigen detection kit. Deputy General Manager Xu Faying also expressed his willingness to share resources with Sinopharm and form a joint development force. President He Tao congratulated the two sides on the strategic cooperation and hoped that the two sides would make new contributions during the special period of epidemic prevention and control. In the future, Sinopharm Instruments and Orient Bio will build a nationwide professional supply chain channel to provide a full range of high-quality services for downstream distributors, terminal hospitals and more people.

Sinopharm held an emergency meeting on emergency support for the new crown epidemic

On March 17, 2022, China Medical Devices Co., Ltd. held an emergency meeting on emergency support for the new crown epidemic in Beijing, and arranged for epidemic prevention and control and material support. Li Yang, secretary of the company's party committee, chairman of the board, and all members of the management team attended the meeting. Heads of the Risk and Operation Management Department, Financial Management Department, Fund Management Department, Quality Management Department, Marketing Department, Logistics Management Department and other relevant departments of the headquarters attended the meeting on-site, and the leaders of the second-level companies and the relevant personnel responsible for emergency support work through video participated in this meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Xiaoming, Secretary of the Board and Deputy General Manager. At the meeting, Zhang Wei, the executive deputy general manager (in charge of the work), conveyed the spirit of Sinopharm Group's "New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Video Conference" and Sinopharm Holding's "Emergency Security Work Emergency Conference". Zhang Wei required subsidiaries at all levels to immediately start emergency protection work and take precautions against risks in accordance with the relevant prompts of the meeting. Zhang Wei particularly emphasized that companies at all levels must implement the "one overall plan" principle, effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control and production and operation activities, and truly achieve the "four" safety of business, funds, goods, and personnel. At the same time, the risk and operation management department of the headquarters should organize the emergency material reserve work, the marketing department should take the lead in the coordination of emergency material procurement and the network company, and the entire company should ensure the completion of various epidemic prevention and control work, fully reflecting Sinopharm equipment. Central enterprises are responsible. Zhang Zhigang, general manager of Jilin company, Wang Yiran, general manager of Shanghai company, Sun Jinke, general manager of Shandong company, and Peng Xianfei, general manager of Guangdong company respectively introduced the company's epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, focusing on the local epidemic situation, employee epidemic protection, epidemic prevention materials supply, The operation work and other situations were introduced, and the next-step work plan for ensuring the supply of anti-epidemic materials was reported. Deputy General Manager Zhang Wei introduced the recent work carried out by the company in ensuring the supply of medical protective materials. At the beginning of the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, the company quickly established an epidemic material coordination group to arrange personnel to implement various material security work. Cooperate with Sinopharm Ogilvy & Mather to increase the production of Kelaifu brand masks. Quickly organize the "New Crown Antigen Detection Reagent Products and Market Seminar", and communicate closely with major domestic manufacturers to ensure smooth supply channels. Secretary of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager Wang Xiaoming put forward six aspects: the communication mechanism for emergency support, the use of emergency funds, the quality management of anti-epidemic materials, extra-budgetary donations, the control of the medical service sector, and the prevention and control of epidemics in the logistics system and safe production. specific requirements. At the end of the meeting, Li Yang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board, made a concluding speech on the meeting. Li Yang emphasized that companies at all levels must conscientiously implement the territorial epidemic prevention and control policy requirements, ensure that organizational guarantees are in place, measures are in place, staffing is in place, and emergency response is in place to ensure that there will be no clustered epidemics. All companies are required to improve their political positions, and to have a deep understanding that epidemic prevention and control is the "bigger of the country". With the height of political responsibility and social responsibility, cooperate with governments at all levels to ensure the supply of anti-epidemic materials to ensure that materials are efficient, sufficient and high. quality supply. Li Yang also pointed out that while ensuring the supply of anti-epidemic materials, companies at all levels must implement the requirements of the SASAC inspection and rectification work at a discount, do a good job in various operation and management work, ensure reasonable growth in performance, and ensure the completion of various tasks and goals throughout the year. Li Yang finally emphasized that it is the social responsibility that Sinopharm Instruments must p

Liu Jingzhen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinopharm Group, went to Sinopharm Finance Company for investigation

On March 8, Liu Jingzhen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinopharm Group, went to Sinopharm Finance Company for investigation. Yang Shanhua, Chief Accountant of Sinopharm Group and Chairman of Sinopharm Finance Company, and the management team and middle-level cadres of Sinopharm Finance Company attended the meeting. Chairman Liu Jingzhen listened to a special report by Cao Guichun, Secretary of the Party Branch and General Manager of Sinopharm Finance Company, on the industry status of the finance company, financial supervision trends, business performance in the past ten years, and the progress of the "14th Five-Year Plan" strategic plan. Other members of the operating team made supplementary reports on compliance management, capital increase process and member companies' financial service needs and responses. Chief Accountant Yang Shanhua analyzed and summarized the characteristics of "compliance first, service first, and professionalism first" of the financial company, reported on the standardized performance of the board of directors and various professional committees, and gave the financial company a battle fortress of the decision-making party branch. The role has been supplemented. The meeting focused on in-depth exchanges on the improvement of capital concentration by financial companies, the characteristics of the supply and demand of group funds, and the sharing of industry and financial information of the group. Chairman Liu Jingzhen fully affirmed the achievements of Sinopharm Finance in helping the Group's industrial development since its establishment ten years ago, and put forward requirements for the next step: First, inherit Sinopharm's spirit of struggle, struggle and innovation, and advance the "14th Five-Year Plan" strategy in a solid and orderly manner Plan to land. The second is to make good use of newly-added capital and continue to expand the scale of financial services. The third is to focus on serving the main business of the Group, and go all out to fulfill the responsibility, obligation and mission of promoting production through financing. The fourth is to always operate in a compliant and stable manner, build a strong risk prevention barrier, and ensure the safe operation of Sinopharm's funds. Fifth, seize the development opportunities and space brought by new industries and new layouts during the Group's "14th Five-Year Plan" period, fully learn from and apply mature financial risk management experience, actively study the use of market-oriented financial tools, and form a financial service model with Sinopharm's characteristics , and strive to achieve innovative development, steady development and coordinated development. The sixth is to strengthen the leadership of party building, strengthen the construction of cadres, and do a good job in the reserve of professional talents. In the end, Chairman Liu Jingzhen expressed his condolences to the female employees who were sticking to their posts during the festival, and wished Sinopharm Finance Company another success in its business development in the next ten years.

Sinopharm China Bio-Omicron Variant Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Vaccine Obtained Clinical Approval from the State Food and Drug Administration

Sinopharm Sinopharm Group China Biotech introduced the Omicron variant strain from the University of Hong Kong for the first time on the basis of the prototype new crown inactivated vaccine and the completion of the development of beta and delta variant inactivated vaccines in the early stage, December 2021 On the 9th, the research and development of the Austrian strain inactivated vaccine was quickly launched. According to the guiding principles and research and development strategies of the improved new crown vaccine of the State Food and Drug Administration, Sinopharm Group China Biotechnology has completed the screening, passage and expansion of the Austrian strain by using the newly built P3 high-level biosafety laboratory, and established a three-level virus. The seed bank has completed process verification, preparation of multiple batches of large-scale products, quality standard research, safety evaluation in animals and immunogenicity research. titer of neutralizing antibodies. On March 3, 2022, the Beijing Institute of Biology of Sinopharm, Wuhan Institute of Biology and Hong Kong research institutions confirmed the clinical plan and related details. The clinical application materials were submitted to the Hong Kong Department of Health on the 1st, the ethics approval was obtained on April 12th, and the clinical research approval was obtained on April 13th, becoming the world's first inactivated vaccine of Chronomicron strains approved for clinical use. At the same time of Sinopharm, Sinopharm Group Sino Bio began to submit domestic clinical application materials to the Drug Evaluation Center of the State Food and Drug Administration on a rolling basis from January 26 to start the technical review. Sinopharm On April 26, Sinopharm China Bio-Beijing Biological Products Research Institute's Omicron variant new coronavirus inactivated vaccine obtained the clinical approval issued by the State Food and Drug Administration of China. Sinopharm Group China Biotechnology will use a randomized, double-blind, cohort study to conduct a sequential immunization clinical study in people aged 18 and over who have completed 2 or 3 doses of the new crown vaccine to evaluate the efficacy of the new crown virus of the Omicron variant. Safety and immunogenicity of live vaccines. Sinopharm shoulders the political and social responsibilities of a central enterprise. Sinopharm Group China Bio has independently developed 4 new crown diagnostic reagents, 4 new crown specific treatment drugs and successfully developed three technical routes in the three fields of "diagnosable, curable and preventable". The four new crown vaccines have given full play to the role of the national team, main force and pillar of the pharmaceutical industry, created a strategic scientific and technological force to maintain national biosecurity, and promoted Chinese vaccines and therapeutic drugs to benefit the Chinese people and the world.


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